Konnakkol – very simple language of very complex rhythms

Recently I learned an incredible thing.

Everything that I like about aggressive heavy metal music is Indian.

Why do I say that?  The answer is one word РKonnakkol.

Konnakkol is an Indian rhythm representation shorthand allowing incredibly eloquent, simple and concise representation of super complicated rhythmic patterns.

It allows you to simply express a very complicated rhythmic pattern using very simple sound.

Standard time signature counts are replaced with sounds that are easy to combine and repeat at the highest speeds.
1 – ta
2 – taka
3 – takite
4 Рtakatimi 
or when repeated in a sequence takatimi-takachuna
5 – tatikenatum

If we wanted to express a longer rhythmic figure it we simply combine the elements.

6 -takatimitaka or expressed as two triples – takite takite
7 – takatimi takite

and so on….

It’s amazing what you can do when you challenge the notion of what constitutes a base element.

A more in depth explanation is below.

Immortal – Wicked Art By Turkey Merck.

It’s no secret that I like scary stuff, especially if it got skulls on it.¬† Wise to my tricks my girlfriend gave me this awesome gift.

This custom handmade in the USA coffee mug is a collaboration between Turkey Merck and a Hollywood studio called Immortal Masks that produces incredible special effects and monster designs for horror films.

This mask has been lovingly made by hand and baked in a kiln at 2200 F.

It is pure dark art whose wickedness can only be diminished by storing some yellow Highlighters in it.