Konnakkol – the simple language of very complex rhythms

Recently I learned an incredible thing.

Everything that I like about aggressive heavy metal music is Indian.

Why do I say that?  The answer is one word – Konnakkol.

Konnakkol is an Indian rhythm representation shorthand allowing incredibly eloquent, simple and concise representation of super complicated rhythmic patterns.

It allows you to simply express a very complicated rhythmic pattern using very simple sound.

Standard time signature counts are replaced with sounds that are easy to combine and repeat at the highest speeds.
1 – ta
2 – taka
3 – takite
4 – takatimi 
or when repeated in a sequence takatimi-takachuna
5 – tatikenatum

If we wanted to express a longer rhythmic figure it we simply combine the elements.

6 -takatimitaka or expressed as two triples – takite takite
7 – takatimi takite

and so on….

It’s amazing what you can do when you challenge the notion of what constitutes a base element.

A more in depth explanation is below.

Published by Andrey Norin

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