Personal Privacy Tools

Over the past year or two I have become increasingly uncomfortable with using services that use my personal data to drive ad revenue.

I am equally uncomfortable with the use of analytics such as keyword scanning, physical location tracking, speech-to-text analysis, and context creation/event correlation other tools that invade your privacy under the guise of convenience.

Please note many of these services are paid. “Free” services have to pay for their existence somehow and they mainly do it through ad revenue. An ad revenue driven online service is one that views its’ user as the product. Therefore subscription fee based services are intrinsically less interested in abusing (or even storing) your data.

Below is a living list of tools I use (or plan to use) to protect my privacy wherever possible.
The best products in these categories aim to have feature parity against the most widely used counterparts.

  • Web Browsers: FireFox, Brave
  • Per-device VPN: PrivateInternetAccess
  • Search Engine: Qwant, DuckDuckGo
  • Email: ProtonMail, HushMail
  • IM Client: Signal…but be warned it kind of sucks…
  • Desktop OS: Ubuntu
  • Mobile OS:
  • Faraday Cage: Stainless Steel Martini Shaker

To be continued…

Published by Andrey Norin

Andrey is into business development, startups and technology.